Gaia Cup


Help reduce landfill and create a healthier you by using our Gaia Cup.

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Product Parameter

1. Dimension: 40 x 60 mm (S); 45 x 70 mm (L)

2. Weight: 11 g (S); 13 g (L)
Menstrual cup diva cups
3. Capability: 15 ml (S); 20 ml (L)

Medical Liquid Silicone

Health, Soft, comfortable and flexible
No foreign body sensation during using

Menstrual cup diva cups

Seal Design
Raised cup lip can create a sealing space inside the vagina , preventing the menstrual blood from spilling

Heat-resistance: -60℃ ~ 200℃

It can be disinfected in the boiling water

Convenient, Healthy, and Safe


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