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PBC continues…..

Today was a late start again because we were lazy, the kids woke up late so we got to sleep in yay for holidays. so today’s progress isn’t as well progressed as we would like but progress was made We finished off the first course of bottles so then the next step is to begin [Continue]

Further in the art of PBC’s

Today’s journey was a short one as I had to pop down to the men’s shed to fix my extension tow bar.  It all went smoothly and only cost me $2.75 to fix it so we can use our trailer again…. so very thrifty.  On the return I then looked at our recycled cement mixer [Continue]

Tragedy strikes….. Innovation is Born

This morning was a gloomy overcast Tasmanian winters day, a cold that settles into the bones, creeps into your soul and clutches it within its frozen claw of an appendage.   Well now that the descriptors are out of the way lets continue shall we. Our eldest DD was taking her morning ablutions when she noticed [Continue]

RMH are the way to go !

I am truly sorry its been so long between the last post and this one, we have all been sick at one point or another over the last couple of weeks, coupling that with homesteading duties and the numerous projects on the go its been non stop.  I do have some good news for you [Continue]

Another project down

Today is Duck culling time, so no piccy’s today, it was long and as usual with killing anything emotionally draining but yesterday I decided the trailer we recently purchased wasn’t big enough, so I went about and made a cage for the trailer, this will allow us to get more feed and other materials on [Continue]

RMH Continues………

Yes yes I know I said I would post on the following day but a family of 6 needs to eat and bad weather kept us from our task, so wet weather and shopping day put us back.  But I finally made some head way,  yesterday I mocked up the setup by calculating the height [Continue]

And so it begins

Finally, I have finally gotten of my bum and started the rocket mass heater for inside the shack, We are building a small 6″, 60Ltr barrel setup as the space we have is quite small and we don’t overly feel the cold much, but its nice to take the chill off when it does get [Continue]

Blow the house down

Todays post is just a little one, it is about one of my latest “Make something so I dont go crazy” projects.  I am making a home forge for metal work, and as such I need a way to pump air into the forge (once its built) so the next couple of photos are just [Continue]

Almost there

Today was a busy day, out getting some winter hay for the poop machines, more to get next week as funds become available, for those of you who don’t know The Nymph and I are both currently doing distance courses, Mrs Nymph is studying an Advanced Diploma of western herbal medicines while I am studying [Continue]

Getting better equipped

Good morrow gentile peoples, how are we this fine blogging day.  This is just a small post to give a heads up on the progress of our homestead, We enlarged the greenhouse (not by much, but more than we had), we have placed one of the recycled irrigation pipe planters inside the greenhouse and are [Continue]