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A merger…

Ok boys and girls it has been a little while since we have made a post, we have been quite busy on the farm, repairing damages from storms and wet weather, expanding our grow/animal enclosures and more building.  We have also finally gotten around to merging our old blog site with the permaculture blog into [Continue]

A pole barn is born

This post is one in a small series which I will then make into a tutorial for those who wish to know.  We as you know by now live off grid on a bush/rural block, our home at present is a 40ft bus which houses all 6 of us quite comfortably (fold up beds make [Continue]

Progress comes in many forms

Salutations one and all, as usual its been a while since we last posted but that does not mean to say we have been idle, far from it in fact.  We have completed the half acre of fencing for the goats to eat down for our house site, cleared the area for the pole barn [Continue]

Grader blade out of a 44 gal drum ??………..

This is a short post about my attempts to make a grader blade out of a 44 gal drum.  It was a test and as such a learning experience.  the final outcome was in the negatives which I had thoughts on any way.  So below are the photos from construction to death!

Fencing, glorious fencing

Howdy folks, thought it about time for another post from the farm.  This post is about fencing and why we are fencing.  So the why of it……. Well we are wishing to build our home soon on the property and we need a space cleared to being building.  Having only just finished fixing the tractor [Continue]

Just an update

Hey again folks, sorry it has been a while since our last post lots of things happening and as always with us being do’ers we tend to forget to take photos.  We are hoping to change that as time goes on, but we thought we would give you an update on what has been happening.   [Continue]

Composting Toilet Build Along … Part 1

In this blog I wanted to share with you all a composting toilet build-a-long, we needed to revamp the old composting toilet into something more manageable and easier to use.  Our first composting toilet was nick named “The Throne” and was a simple box over a bucket with a toilet seat to seal and a [Continue]

Our Journey

Well this should be the first in a very long series of blog posts about our journey into a permaculture lifestyle.  We have been living more or less within this set of principles already but are wanting to make more of a difference within the world we in habit.  We chose the word “Saoirse” (pronounced [Continue]