A new journey

Journal entry 20/09/2016

For us here on the farm it has been a long ended goal to begin running bush lore programs on our property.  It is large enough with natural elements to teach everyone about bush survival without the need to be 100’s kilometers from safety.  I have always been passionate about bush lore, survival, sustainability and care of the earth and all that dwell upon it.  These following posts will be a way in which I can communicate with anyone who wishes to read them about our experiences here on the farm, the programs we will be running and about the trial, tribulations, failures and successes.  I hope to post a lot about the last two.  We are a family of 6 living as close to off grid as is possible for us at the present situation.  Our 4 children all play in, on and around our farm and they are building bush lore knowledge which will help them become independent, confident leaders in the future.  We want to share this experience with other families and people, to help them get a better understanding about our natural world, themselves and others in a safe environment.  I hope to meet many of you face to face as we expand and grow this new stage in our lives and to share knowledge and experiences as well.  Until the next entry stay safe, stay calm and stay alive!



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