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A pole barn is born

This post is one in a small series which I will then make into a tutorial for those who wish to know.  We as you know by now live off grid on a bush/rural block, our home at present is a 40ft bus which houses all 6 of us quite comfortably (fold up beds make for great space makers).  We currently rent a 20ft container to house our household possessions, it is a cost that while a low weekly cost still adds up to $$$ we could be spending elsewhere.  So one of the first things that should be built on a new and emerging property is a barn, any sort will do so long as it is large enough for tools and animals on cold winter nights.  Our barn will serve as our interim dwelling while we build our cob house.  After the house is built it will be my workshop, stable and MAN CAVE!! So with no more further preamble I will show you the pics of where we are at as of today.



The Stumps you see inside the rectangle of logs will be removed, we need to buy a chain that we can use with the tractor to pull them out.

I will have photos from the start up later on as they are not on my laptop at present.



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Progress comes in many forms

Salutations one and all, as usual its been a while since we last posted but that does not mean to say we have been idle, far from it in fact.  We have completed the half acre of fencing for the goats to eat down for our house site, cleared the area for the pole barn and also a spot to move the bus to while we build, so it is not such a long walk for the kids (its not that far away but they do complain, lazy buggers! :D) So for those of you playing along at home here are a few pics of our place so far.  I will be posting a separate blog about our Wirtz/spiral pump build-a-long and revising it for our tutorial section.  also Mrs N will be adding some content to our site with recipes for homesteading and off grid cooking as well as some of our wares for sale as we make all our own soaps, candles, toothpastes, condiments, wooden toys etc.

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