Fencing, glorious fencing

Howdy folks, thought it about time for another post from the farm.  This post is about fencing and why we are fencing.  So the why of it…….

Well we are wishing to build our home soon on the property and we need a space cleared to being building.  Having only just finished fixing the tractor we still need implements for it.  We have just purchased an old grader blade pretty cheap.  this has helped clear the fence line but we do not want to “heap” all the vegetation in a pile to later burn it off, being in a very wooded area we believe this to be an unwise idea.  So we are going to use our natural vegetation reducers…… our goats.  They are the ultimate lawn, bracken and anything else removers.  so to keep them from wandering off the property and possible being shot by the many hunters in the area we decided a fenced off area would suit them neatly, this is also two fold as after they are done we are going to fence the property’s boundary and let them free range on the acreage, and only fencing off the areas we do not wish them to go, like the veggie patch, orchard, dam/spring etc.  The following photos show the process in which we are doing our fencing, all holes are dug with either a post hole borer (petrol powered) or a crowbar and post shovel and a shovel.

I will add the photos off of -N’s- phone when I can as it shows the post with the strainer supports and finished post.

20151011_125530 20151011_125522 20151011_125515 20151011_125510 20151011_125504 20151008_132500 20151008_132453 20151004_151911

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