Our Journey

Well this should be the first in a very long series of blog posts about our journey into a permaculture lifestyle.  We have been living more or less within this set of principles already but are wanting to make more of a difference within the world we in habit.  We chose the word “Saoirse” (pronounced Seer-Sha) as it is a Celtic word meaning freedom.  That one word is the essential core belief that drives My wife and myself to teach our children and anyone else who wishes to learn how to be more aware of our surroundings, look at the world not as a problem but as a puzzle.  To help find solutions and stop being a part of the cause, to have freedom in ANY and EVERY choice we make.  Freedom of lifestyle, freedom to make a difference, to stand up and go against the norm.  Passion is one thing you will find plenty of here at Saoirse Permaculture Farm.  Passion in all things living, dying and everything in between.  By helping others learn to see the world differently we hope to help the world to a better state of like many before us and hopefully many more after us.  Well that is all for now, this Blog writing is a new concept for us, having to document it all.  We are do’ers by nature and sometimes forget to document while doing.


– Damien

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