Composting Toilet Build Along … Part 1

In this blog I wanted to share with you all a composting toilet build-a-long, we needed to revamp the old composting toilet into something more manageable and easier to use.  Our first composting toilet was nick named “The Throne” and was a simple box over a bucket with a toilet seat to seal and a vent ( I will post a picture of it if I can find one).  We (and by “we” I mean “me”, the father figure) had to empty it at least once a week (we have 4 kids, the wife and myself)  It was a slog to get it out, an ordeal to get it to the composting bin and woe to me if I spilled the bucket tripping over a stick on the journey.  So now we are on the new property and I have been digging long drops by hand tools (not so bad once you get into the rhythm of things but still tiring and time consuming work), after doing more research on composting toilet systems and speaking to other permaculture persons and homesteaders I was directed to Milkwood Permaculture’s site in regards to their composting toilet set up and thought to myself “you know what that’s a bloody good idea” and this is how it is turning out.

First up I have my Foreman on the site checking out my PPE and Materials for compliance



Once he gave me the go ahead I began by measuring the inside of the wheelie bin for the dimension of the liquids separator.


This is a dry run/layout of the pieces I am using to make the framework for the separator.


The test fit to make sure it all does as it is supposed to.


Once I was happy-ish with the test fit I then drilled holes in the vertical plane through all 4 sides of the frame.


Which I then wove wire through (like basket weaving).


Covered with chicken wire



and then shadecloth.



All of those together make this.  what is this I hear you asking yourselves, “This” my dear friends is our Liquid separator, it keeps all the dry/moist material up above so as to let it compost down and allows excess liquid to drain away into the bottom of the bin.  But wait! I hear you implore me “what happens when all that liquid fills up the bottom of the bin”.  That is a very good question and one I will be answering in Part 2 of this build-a-long.


until next time.

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