PBC continues…..

Today was a late start again because we were lazy, the kids woke up late so we got to sleep in yay for holidays.

so today’s progress isn’t as well progressed as we would like but progress was made

We finished off the first course of bottles


so then the next step is to begin the next course of “bricks”, with this course and subsequent courses we need to keep them all tied in together, this is were the bailing twine comes into play on the inside and outside of the PBC


the bailing twine, is looped around each bottle, this helps the bottles to remain in a more stable position.


Inside the mortar mix we use lengths of barbed wire as reinforcing to keep a strong mortar bond


We had made made more progress since this photo but I forgot to take it before the light faded.


So thats it for today, we hope you like the updates and appreciate any comments or questions, we will be holding a workshop very soon to teach others how to do the same.  stay tuned for the update on the workshop.


– The Satyr

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