Further in the art of PBC’s

Today’s journey was a short one as I had to pop down to the men’s shed to fix my extension tow bar.  It all went smoothly and only cost me $2.75 to fix it so we can use our trailer again…. so very thrifty.  On the return I then looked at our recycled cement mixer and it seems the motor has had it, so it will be scrounging our local reuse center to find another mixer or another electric/petrol motor to suit, I am also thinking of MacGuyver’ing it to the exercise bike we have on the property so we can get fit and mix stuff

On to todays progress, we made a 3:1 mix of sand to cement for our mortar bond and used recycled plastic sheeting for our damp course, we ran out towards the end so tomorrow we will be recycling our dog food bags to use as damp course.

Ok so to carry on from our other post, the pad is level…ish (its within reasonable standards) so our next step is to make a datum point (a datum point is a reference point to wich all other levels are based off of)


So we set up the string level and corrected its height to reflect our straight line from our datum point (now any builder knows string levels aren’t the best but I cannot find my level so this will have to do)


so our next step is to mix up some mortar for the bottles to rest on


once it is mixed to the correct consistency we lay it down on our plastic damp course and place bottles on top of the mortar, we then “bed” them in by tamping them to the correct level (from our datum point)


more plastic, mortar and bottles laid down, round and round we go


now an important factor to keep in mind as we move up in height with the PBC is to keep it all held together as weight and pressure set in, it will also give us something to bond our cement render to when we finish both the inside and outside of the bottles, so in the next 2 pics you can see the “looping” of our recycled bailing twine around the outside of the bottles, the first layer of bottles does not have any twine on it on the inside on purpose and this will be explained when we cement in the floor.

CAM00734 CAM00735

and lastly the BIG boss has to inspect our work to make sure it conforms with Australian Standards



We hope you have enjoyed this update and will keep you all posted on the progress and any other projects on the go


– The satyr

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