Month: July 2014

PBC continues…..

Today was a late start again because we were lazy, the kids woke up late so we got to sleep in yay for holidays. so today’s progress isn’t as well progressed as we would like but progress was made We finished off the first course of bottles so then the next step is to begin [Continue]

Further in the art of PBC’s

Today’s journey was a short one as I had to pop down to the men’s shed to fix my extension tow bar.  It all went smoothly and only cost me $2.75 to fix it so we can use our trailer again…. so very thrifty.  On the return I then looked at our recycled cement mixer [Continue]

Tragedy strikes….. Innovation is Born

This morning was a gloomy overcast Tasmanian winters day, a cold that settles into the bones, creeps into your soul and clutches it within its frozen claw of an appendage.   Well now that the descriptors are out of the way lets continue shall we. Our eldest DD was taking her morning ablutions when she noticed [Continue]