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Were to begin……. At the start I say

Salutations and welcome to our blog, follow us on our journey of sustainability and permaculture independance.  Firstly a little bit about us, we are a large family by today’s standards, not as large as others but for modern society we are considered a large family being of 2 parents and 4 children, We have always been self reliant and resilient in many aspects of our lives,  We were business owners back on the mainland of Australia, we have since moved to Tasmania to live a more simple life, we wish to teach our children a better way of life than the consumer driven society that is beginning to plague our cultures.  By no means do we wish to erase modern technology from our lives or that of our children, but it does not have to rule the way we live.

Our new adventure began almost a year and a half ago when we disembarked the ferry onto Tasmania’s landmass, we sold up our businesses and purchased a piece of land in the deep south of Tasmania were we hope to achieve a sustainable, renewable and off grid way of life.


Our goals are simple

* To provide for all our dietary needs from the land we own from the flora and fauna we grow/raise from/on it.

* To live completely “Off Grid”

* To learn renewable and sustainable practices along the way and teach others what we learn

* To give our children a better understanding of our planet and the world in which we live

* To reduce our footprint on the planets resources

* To have fun, learn new things and create a community based on our principles


We hope you follow us on our journey, we will endeavor to post as regularly as we can, some projects have already been started so the first few posts will be a back log of our journey so far.


– The Satyr and the Nymph